Commercial Movers

Is your Seattle business moving to a new location? The business relocation process is full of complexities that range from packing delicate equipment to logistical coordination. Don’t go at it alone. Our commercial relocation team specialize in helping businesses in multiple industries successfully move. Contact us today for a free estimate or read on to learn more about our commercial moving services.

Helping Businesses in All Industries

Our commercial moving specialties are for offices and tech businesses, but we are able to help all types of businesses move seamlessly. We understand that each business, even businesses within the same industry, have very unique needs which need to be met during the relocation process. Our moving coordinators work closely with you to troubleshoot all aspects of the move. The aim is to get the move completed in an orderly manner, quickly, and without disrupting your business. In addition to offices and tech companies, some of the industries we have helped with relocation services are retail, restaurants and catering, hospitality, warehouses, and manufacturing.

Ensuring Your Relocation is Damage Free

When you are moving valuable electronics, machinery, and other equipment vital to your business, you need assurance that your property will stay safe and not be damaged during the move. We have an impeccable track record for damage free moves. It is our professional methods which ensure we can complete all types of commercial moves without any damages occurring.
The most important aspect in keeping your items safe is to have the right movers for the job. We never hire day laborers for moves and our staff are all professionals. They have gone through a careful screening process which includes a complete background check. Before movers are allowed to work on a commercial relocation, they must complete in-house training where they are taught skills like how to quickly take apart cubicles, how to pack electronics, how to handle sensitive equipment, and how to load equipment into the moving truck. We give our movers a bonus for each damage free move, so they have an even extra incentive to be careful and considerate of your property during the move.
We also take steps to make sure your real estate stays damage free during the move. We put down floor runners to keep floors clean and put up corner guards to make sure walls don’t get dinged in narrow areas like stairwells and doorways. During inclement weather, we use methods such as creating an “assembly line” for moving items in and out of the building so items can stay dry and movers aren’t tramping into the building with wet, dirty feet. We also offer additional services such as free furniture wrapping to make every commercial move a damage-free move.

Office Moving Services in Seattle

The key to a successful office relocation is strong team coordination. We recommend that you assign one person in your office to act as the designated moving coordinator, and ensure that the person has a lighter workload during the period leading up to the relocation so proper time can be devoted to planning the move. This investment in planning and coordination will pay off by reducing the amount of downtime which occurs before and after the relocation. We will assign staff member to work directly with your in-house moving coordinator. Our staff members have handled office moves of all sizes and know how to recognize and troubleshoot challenges. We will help you break down your moving budget so it can be used in the most effective way. For example, we can advise you on which items you should have your own employees pack up, and which items are better left for our professional packing teams.

Tech Moving Services in Seattle

Seattle is a major tech hub with many startups and established companies making groundbreaking products and services. As a result, office space is at a premium in Seattle, and many tech companies find it necessary to relocate multiple times as their businesses expand or needs change. Our commercial customers know they can rely on us to help them move. We have experts on staff who can help coordinate the details, such as working with your in-house team to designate moving stations for packing, come up with a moving schedule, and coming up with a plan for moving infrastructure components and servers.

How We Help Our Commercial Customers Succeed

We know that Seattle businesses relocate for numerous reasons, and that the goal of the relocation can be incredibly varied. It is our prerogative to understand your goals and find solutions for making them come to fruition. The main way we make this happen is by working closely with your in-house team and establishing a clear method of communication. When you choose us for your commercial moving company in Seattle, there won’t be any issues due to miscommunications, and we make sure that no details are overlooked so the move goes smoothly. Whether it is breaking the office space into stations for packing or obtaining parking on moving day, our team of professional movers are always on point.

Same Day Equipment Moving Services

Do you have a large item which needs to be taken to a new location? We offer same-day moving services for commercial businesses. All of our small moving trucks and vans are immaculately clean and are fitted with decks, security straps, air-ride suspension, and GPS. We will come to pick up the item at the time you designate and an authorized person will need to sign off on the delivery. Then we promptly deliver the item to the new location, where you will need to have another authorized person waiting to sign off on receiving. We only use reliable, experienced, and background-checked movers who are able to handle all types of equipment with care. To ensure your items stay safe during transport, we offer free services like furniture wrapping and padding, as well as electronics crates for items like computers. Some of the items we have helped commercial businesses move include electronics, manufacturing machinery, industrial refrigeration units, appliances, machinery, and much more.

Packing Services for Commercial Businesses

If you are relocating your business for the first time, then you might not realize how stressful packing for the relocation can be. When packing is not approached with a careful plan, then your business can be sent into chaos for the weeks leading up to the move. Production is slowed when employees are unable to find important equipment or documents that they need, and the stress of packing slows productivity as well. We know that your employees have better things to do than worry about packing. Let us worry about the packing so your employees can worry about business.
Our packers are professionally trained and known for their efficiency and thoroughness. With commercial packing services, the approach is different than with residential packing services. It starts with a sit-down during which we discuss your priorities and any items which will require special care. Our moving agents are experts at calculating exactly how much time it will take for packing to be completed, how much packing materials are needed, and identifying any challenges. We will create an inventory of items to be packed, and pack all items with a plan so unpacking can go smoothly. On packing day, our team comes in with all the required supplies – including electronics crates and tools for dismantling office furniture – and labels each box as it is packed. Nothing is ever lost during the move, our methods ensure even fragile items stay safe, and we can offer additional moving insurance when you use our packing services.

Specialty Moving Services

Are you worried about a specific aspect of the move, such as how you will get a heavy piece of machinery out of the building? We pride ourselves in finding the right solution for every challenge. We can help with a wide range of specialty moving services for commercial businesses in Seattle, such as rigging, craning, custom crating, and equipment setup. Just give us a call and we will set up an estimate to discuss all aspects of your move.