Same Day Movers

Our same day moving services are for when you need something moved, such as a large item that won’t fit in your own car. We can also help with last-minute moving services in Seattle. No matter what needs to be moved or the challenge at hand, you can count on us for utmost professionalism and a speedy delivery. Contact us today to request moving services or read on to learn more about our same-day moving services.

Same-Day and Last-Minute Moving Services

We know that you don’t always have time to plan a move in advance, or that you may have a sudden need to move a large item across town. To accommodate our customers’ needs, we keep a team of movers and truck available for small, same-day moving services. Just give us a call and tell us what you need moved. Then our movers will come to your address to collect the items and deliver them to their destination. We are always speedy and efficient, and arrive when we say we will!

Professional Moving Vans and Trucks of All Sizes

Our fleet of vehicles includes moving vans and trucks of all sizes. This allows us to accommodate virtually any item which you may need to move. All vehicles are kept pristinely clean and in excellent working condition. Hydraulic lifts and ramps ensure we are able to get even the largest items into the vehicle with ease. All moving vehicles are equipped with GPS so you don’t have to worry about the trucks getting lost on the way.

Free Furniture Padding and Wrapping

So you just bought a beautiful white couch or a new flat-screen TV? The last thing you want to worry about is them getting dirty or smashed in transport. We go the extra mile to make sure your belongings stay clean and safe by providing free padding and wrapping for items like furniture, mattresses, and electronics. All items are secured in the moving truck with straps so they won’t shift during transport and succumb to scratches. We take pride in our track record of damage-free moves, which is why so many Seattle residents and businesses know they can count on us for when they need an item moved across town.

Piano Moving

Pianos are notorious for being difficult to move, but our movers are up for the challenge. They have been highly trained in piano moving and are able to accommodate all sizes of pianos. When necessary, we have specialty rigging equipment to ensure the piano can be removed from your home without any damages occurring. We not only take steps to protect your piano, but also to protect your home from scratches and dings from our equipment.

Office Equipment Moving

One of our specialties is office moving services. After years of helping local businesses relocate, we have the knowledge, skill and tools required to move all types of office equipment. This includes electronics like computer systems, copy machines, and even servers. Depending on the type of equipment, we may use specialty electronics crates, wrap the equipment professionally, or take other measures to ensure the equipment is kept safe during transport. Because timing is of the essence, we offer a guaranteed pickup times and delivery.

Did Your Moving Company Fail to Show Up?

Unfortunately, not all moving companies are reliable. Many moving companies will overbook in hopes of making as much money as possible, but then fail to make it to your home at the agreed-upon pickup time. We understand what a catastrophe this can be, especially when you need to leave your home right away. Don’t fret. We can help with last-minute moving services in Seattle. If all our moving trucks haven’t already been booked, we can send a team and a truck over to your home right away to get the job done. Even for last-minute moving services, our rates are still affordable and services top-quality.